Design + video (stories)

Presentation and storytelling are the core of Walldog’s concept. Videos are the best way to tell a story and catch the attention of your visitor. We used Shopify to create the platform they need to reach their worldwide audience.

Understanding the customer

Walldog tells stories. Our goal was to create a unique design that would help them organize efficiently to tell as many Stories as possible without losing the overview in navigating. A remarkable concept has been delivered with exceptional performance. Shopify liquid to the max by Flip The Bird.

Getting to know the people behind

Creative wonder Philippe had an idea, we helped him to visualize it. The result is an exceptional experience that takes the visitor on a journey of stories The Shopify store we developed and designed helped Walldog to reach and engage with their target customers and maximize the sales beyond expectations.


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Results are in

“Never met other companies with the same expertise and skills as Flip the bird does! Online business and the secrets why some businesses work and others don’t! No matter if it’s a technological issue or a design issue. A strategic advice on brand building, community building, or marketing tips. An idea on how to handle shipments and returns, it seems these guys have the answer and solution for everything! Would recommend them to everybody that struggles to make business.”

Philippe De Pelsmaecker – Walldog

Kleine Markt 7-9
2000 Antwerp


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