CRM datafeed + live feed + B2B – B2C

Thonicks is a fixed value in the distribution of medical equipment in Belgium. A new era was entered when we launched for them a new B2C and B2B webshop within 1 Shopify, while still using their trusted CRM and invoicing software they have been working with for decades.

Understanding the customer

An easy navigating webshop for the new target customer was needed to comfort them and make it easy for them to find the right product. Combining this with a password protected B2B portal for the existing client base of resellers were to catches in one. A live datafeed of products, specs, prices and stocks ensures they always have the most accurate information available

Getting to know the people behind

Managing a large database of products and ensuring that all information is accurate on the separated webshop was a hell of a job for the people at Thonicks. Eliminating the frustrations from the buyers when information was wrong was a priority for the people at Thonicks. With our datafeed we completely eliminated the manual work of keeping 2 databases identical. Realtime we feed Shopify with Products, stocks and Prices. Our experts even managed to fully transfer and use the Tier, bulk and volume pricing from DBFact (CRM and invoicing) to feed Shopify realtime!

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