B2B + stockfeed

Snowforce has been successful running their business for decades. A new chapter was needed. Offering an extended range of products from the brands they distribute. We helped them by setting up an automated B2B portal with Shopify for their clients.

Understanding the customer

Resellers need an easy and convenient way to know what is available for reordering. Quick and always access to availability is key to have sales done or to lose a sale. Busy Saturdays without having the possibility to check if products can but purchased while the customer is in the store raise the risk of losing the valuable sale. 24hrs/7 having access to their personalized B2B account with real-time stock, positions and pricing helped resellers and snowforce grow together. A Shopify store with customization for private access functionality was created.

Getting to know the people behind

Focus on sales while limiting the risk on stocks was the question from Snowforce. Using a live datafeed we created from the stock of their suppliers made it easy for them to extend the range of products within their offering without building and growing their own stocks. An easy new sales channel was added to their business. And with a 48hrs drop shipment they organized an efficient way of handling the new orders.


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Results are in

“Absolutely great guys (and girls)! We’re always amazed by the knowledge they have and the speed they have delivering! They manage to make every complex thing for us, look easy to resolve! I would definitely recommend them to anyone struggling to identify the right partner for setting up, developing or guiding through the forest of software solutions in the market!”

Johan Lens – Snowforce

Kleine Markt 7-9
2000 Antwerp


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