"Empowering (R)etail Excellence: Flip the Bird's Pioneering Integration for Dubois"


Understanding the customer

This year, Flip the Bird has embarked on a groundbreaking journey with Dubois, a renowned distributor of esteemed shoe brands such as Sebago, Caterpillar, Superga, and Berghen. Our mission was clear: to revolutionize Dubois' online presence and streamline their operations with cutting-edge technology.

We proudly introduced 'It's Perfect' – a dynamic ERP solution tailored to meet Dubois' intricate needs. This powerful tool has transformed the backbone of their business operations, ensuring efficiency and precision in every aspect.

But we didn't stop there. Recognizing the unique identity of each brand under Dubois, we meticulously crafted five separate brand webshops on Shopify. These platforms are not just online stores; they are immersive brand experiences, each reflecting the distinct personality of Sebago, Caterpillar, Superga, and Berghen.

Our innovative integration ensures real-time synchronization of stocks, prices, and orders across these webshops. This seamless connectivity eliminates the complexities of managing multiple brands, providing Dubois with a unified, yet diversified, retail ecosystem.

Furthermore, our marketing ingenuity came into play as we set up Klaviyo for marketing automation. This strategic move empowers Dubois to engage with their customers more effectively, personalizing their journey and enhancing their shopping experience.

At Flip the Bird, we believe in transforming challenges into opportunities. Our collaboration with Dubois exemplifies this ethos. Together, we've not only achieved operational excellence but also created a harmonious synergy between technology and human touch in the world of retail.

Join us as we continue to innovate, inspire, and lead the digital revolution in retail. With Flip the Bird and Dubois, the future of online shopping is not just bright, it's brilliant.


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